Body Treatments

Seaweed Gel Wrap

Rest while enveloped in warm Sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich klamath blue-green algae to hydrate and detoxify. As you lay peacefully wrapped in warmth your body detoxifies and continues to de-stress. Finally your whole body is hydrated & lightly massaged with our organic body butter. You leave feeling refreshed!

60 minutes:  90

Organic Sea Salt Glow

Our sea salt glow, also called a salt scrub with essential oils, buffs away the top layer of dead skin. This technique of exfoliation improves skin tone, and can benefit many skin conditions. The sea salts magnesium sulfate helps to draw toxins from the body and increase blood circulation promoting healthy new skin growth. Sea salt also is laden with minerals which nourish and hydrate the skin. You will complete your treatment smooth & fully moisturized to your toes! Combine with Seaweed wrap for a divine “fresh” experience.

45 minutes:  90

Combine both treatments for just $170