Spa Packages

Men's Essentials

Relax your mind and rejuvenate your whole being.  Allow your body to loosen and be at ease with a 60 minute massage catered to your liking. Then set your skin to refresh with a deep cleansing facial treatment, designed for the specific needs of male skin. Finish with an aromatherapy scalp massage to recharge and balance.

2+ hours:  165

Spiff For a Spell

Feel and look “fresh.”

  • “fresh” Facial Treatment
  • Narrow Bikini Wax
  • Eyebrow or Eyelash Tint

1 hour 45 minutes:  138

Breathing Space

For your the whole body, from head to toe!  Begin with our Seaweed Detox Body Treatment which rids the body of toxins to clarify and restore.  You will be wrapped in a warm bed of seaweed smelling of herbs and essential oils. While resting, your head and scalp will be massaged to release tension and calm the mind.  Next your body is enveloped in organic mango butter to hydrate and soften.  Now moving on to your facial skin treatment… as you drift in bliss your face will be treated to just what it needs,  leaving your skin feeling balanced and healthful.

2 hours:  173

Fresh Body Love

Relish in aromas and organic scents as you are buffed smooth with organic sea salt and essential oils.  This exfoliation technique improves skin tone and texture. As well as prepping the skin for the warm Seaweed Gel wrap to follow.  You will be enveloped in warm sea kelp for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath blue-green algae to hydrate and detoxify.  As you rest peacefully wrapped in warmth your body detoxifies and continues to destress.  Finally your healthful body is hydrated & lightly massaged with organic body butter.  Living you smooth and truly refreshed!

1 hour 30 minutes:  170